Contour Rig Tools Patch Notes

Below you'll find all patch notes for Contour Rig Tools in reverse chronological order. More recent patches are displayed first.

v1.0.6 (5/23/2022)
  • Referencing the same file more than once in a scene now works in most cases. In one of our test cases this causes Maya to crash when playback caching is enabled, and we are investigating. This only occurs when the references are loaded at scene load, and can be worked around by waiting to load the references until after the scene has loaded.
  • Worked around bugs in the Maya API that could cause Contour transform nodes to calculate incorrectly when attributes had both incoming and outgoing connections
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused changes in the bone axis of a joint chain to not propagate to all bones in the chain
  • macOS installer no longer depends on Python being installed, appears as a normal macOS application, and is notarized
v1.0.5 (1/12/2022)
  • When creating Contour Aim Handles or Contour Orients, overrideRotation and overrideBlend are locked
v1.0.4 (12/13/2021)
  • Extend the pole vector of Contour IK systems from the elbow, not the shoulder
  • Buffer both the rotation and translation of IK handles when creating Contour IK systems
  • Spline and deform field constraints now work correctly for nodes with scaled parent spaces, non-zero rotate pivot translates, and Maya joints with non-zero joint orient
v1.0.3 (10/31/2021)
  • Initial public release
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